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Training Offered by the Diocesan Office of Child and Youth Protection:

Our Trainings have Changed, and are now called: PROTECTING GOD'S CHILDREN (Session 2). VIRTUS provides this training. Clicking the buttons, to the right, will take you to the Virtus website.

Virtus REPLACES BOTH our original trainings: Safe Environment and Mandated Reporter. You will no longer need to take these two trainings.

IMPORTANT: ***DO NOT*** MARK that you have ALREADY TAKEN THIS TRAINING in the past, which is asked during sign-up. It is new since summer 2013. If you DO, you won't be able to sign up for ONLINE TRAINING.

ALL TRAINEES, whether they attend a WORKSHOP or TAKE VIRTUS ONLINE will register online for VIRTUS Training.

The online training is an automated slide show with both text and voiceover, available in English and Spanish. The training lasts about an hour, and it is suggested you set aside enough time not to interrupt the training. You should be able to close the training, and log back in to re-enter where you left off, but this is not guaranteed. There will be a quiz at the end.

All smart phone, iPhone/iPad, Android users - IMPORTANT NOTE: This training may not yet work with many tablets because it uses ADOBE FLASH, which must work within the browser you are using. If you cannot see the video after you log in, this may be the problem. Virtus is currently working on a version that will work on all devices in the near future. Also, some Macs may work, but not record the training. If you do not get a certificate at the end, call Virtus technical support immediatly and leave a message.

When you register here for Virtus, you will see a list of workshops that you may attend throughout the Diocese.

If you want to train ONLINE, Virtus has now placed both the English and Spanish Online training at the TOP of the list of workshops (unless you marked that you have taken this training before. Don't.

Because the Virtus online training works differently from the old training, a PDF is prepared with screen shots to help you navigate the new system.

Click Button, below, for instructions, which you can keep open as you access the training.

The training certificate is AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY after you complete the training.

Are you aware that the following people are required by Diocesan Policy to take both of the above trainings?

** All Clergy **

** All Parish, School and Diocesan Pastoral Center Employees **

** All Volunteers who work regularly with children - i.e., those volunteering in ALL youth ministry programs including, but not limited to, catechists and coaches **

NOTE!!!! Registration will ask whether you have taken this training before. This is a new training as of summer 2013. So, with only few exceptions, the answer is NO.

It's a good idea to open the instructions for registration and keep it open while you are registering...

Register for an ONLINE Virtus class (bottom of class list)
..........OR a Virtus WORKSHOP
................... AND then begin training

View a list of Virtus CLASSROOM WORKSHOPS and register for one.....

Already registered in Virtus (since June 2013?) Click here to re-enter your training account to complete training, print your certificate, or reschedule a class.